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Quality area rugs for the perfect atmosphere

Whether you are looking to update the appearance of a room or add warmth to a room, area rugs are a great way to refresh the look of your home in a cost-effective manner. Available in a vast array of styles, pile heights, and materials, the best rug for your home is closer than you think! Here are a few reasons why this one-of-a-kind flooring option may be the best solution for your upcoming renovation needs.

Update room appearance

Rugs are an excellent means of refreshing the layout or look of a room quickly. Go from drab to fab in minutes and transform any area instantly with a design element that comes in endless patterns, colors, and styles. Tie a room together with a bold statement or blend different designs seamlessly with a stylish area rug. The best part is that soft surfacing options are truly endless, manufactured in many fashions that would look stunning in any space.

Reduce noise

A material surface covering is also a fantastic way to dampen noise. Rooms below your newly redesigned space will benefit from this noise-canceling feature, significantly reducing sound transference. That’s because the soft material naturally absorbs sound and echo, muffling footsteps and other noise instantly. So say goodbye to too much noise efficiently – and in style!

Keep kids and pets safe

A soft surfacing addition also reduces slippage by offering an underfoot area with traction. This is especially helpful for children and older pets, as they often have issues with balance and are unsure of their footing. Consider rugs as a comfortable safety net that can protect those you love from a tumble, absorbing impact and minimizing injury.
Stylish area rugs in Rensselaer County, NY from Discount Flooring

Lower energy bills

Not only does soft surfacing add warmth underfoot, but it can also help reduce energy costs in the long run. Since it acts as insulation, the material's thermal resistance offers an excellent R-value, resisting heat transference. This added insulation is incredibly crucial in rooms that experience heat loss, such as basements or rooms in cold climates.

Visit Discount Flooring for quality area rugs

At Discount Flooring, our Albany, NY showroom carries a wide range of quality area rugs, ideal for any home redesign. Serving the Albany, NY, Saratoga, NY, Schenectady, NY, East Greenbush, NY, Greene County, NY, Berkshire County, MA, and Rensselaer County, NY regions, our knowledgeable flooring experts will gladly help you select the perfect design and material for your space. Visit our area rug store in Albany, NY today for excellent, friendly service.

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